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Your golden years are meant to be a time when you can enjoy life, reflect fondly and connect with loved ones. Many people who embrace retirement also enjoy travel and expanding their horizons with new activities and hobbies.

Of course, maintaining your health and overall quality of life is also an essential part of enjoying your golden years. Long-term problems with gum disease and other oral health maladies can lead to the loss of multiple teeth and hamper your enjoyment of life.

If you have lost or are struggling to deal with significantly compromised teeth, you should consider setting up an appointment at Nicoletti Dental Group. Our dentist will perform a comprehensive oral examination before presenting you with an effective treatment strategy.

If chronic gum disease has robbed you of healthy bone structure, or you have already lost a significant number of teeth, Dr. Jason Nicoletti and Dr. Victor Feit might recommend extracting your remaining natural teeth as the first step in providing you with a complete denture.

When worn in the mouth the removable oral appliance will replicate the natural appearance and basic function of your original teeth, thus allowing you to enjoy life unfettered by further dental distress.

If your quality of life has been hampered by chronic gum disease or impending terminal dentition, you should call 845.452.8410 to set up an appointment at Dr. Jason Nicoletti’s office in Poughkeepsie, New York.