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Chips, deep stains, old dental work, and other imperfections on one or more of the teeth in your smile can leave you wanting to explore your cosmetic improvement options. Many people in a situation like this are interested in having the faces of the teeth in their smile fitted for custom porcelain veneers.

Sometimes one or more of these teeth lack the sufficient enamel to mount a veneer. If you have a marred tooth, or you would like to restore the cosmetic appearance of a tooth in conjunction with dental veneers, then Nicoletti Dental Group might recommend restoring the tooth’s appearance with a porcelain crown.

During the first appointment your Nicoletti Dental Group dentist will examine the tooth, and take X-rays. This helps to assess the overall health and integrity of the internal structures of the tooth. If the sensitive interior structures of the tooth have been damaged, then we might need to first perform a root canal to restore sufficient structure to anchor a crown.

The dentist will then form an abutment by removing the majority of the enamel layer with a drill. This abutment will eventually provide a strong anchor to secure your crown in place. Finally, an impression is made and the abutment will have a hard plastic temporary crown cemented in place over it. The impression will be sent to our dental lab where your permanent crown is made.

We will call you back in for a brief second appointment when your new crown is completed. Your dentist will remove the temporary crown and cement your new crown in place.

If you would like to explore your cosmetic restoration options, please call Nicoletti Dental Group at 845.452.8410 to schedule an appointment.