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Inconsistencies in your daily oral hygiene routine can embolden the natural bacteria living in your mouth to exploit tooth enamel. Fortunately, early detection of a cavity will allow Dr. Nicoletti and Dr. Feit to repair it with a dental filling.

The treatment process starts with a thorough examination of the tooth to determine the extent of the decay. This might also include taking a few X-rays to make sure the cavity has not penetrated the sensitive internal structures of the tooth.

Our dentists will then inject Novocain into the local gum tissues to numb the tooth and surrounding area. Then, he will use a drill to remove any decayed tooth enamel. This leaves behind a perfectly clean surface to cement a filling.

The material Dr. Nicoletti and Dr. Feit recommend for the filling is primarily based on the tooth’s location and visibility in your smile. Composite resin fillings can be shaded to match the tooth enamel, making them a good choice for a filling that is visible in your smile. Amalgam fillings are known for being durable, making them a good choice for repairing a cavity on one of your back teeth. They are made from a blend of dental-grade metals.

Once the filling has been cured by a special ultraviolet light, it will restore the full function of the tooth for many years to come.

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