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Even though the teeth in your mouth are made from very durable enamel, there are still times when an accident or decay can severely damage one of your teeth. Sometimes the damage can be so extensive that Dr. Nicoletti cannot safely repair the tooth. In a situation like this he will sometimes recommend that the tooth be completely extracted and restored with a bridge.

Once your gums have healed he might recommend restoring the tooth by installing a bridge. This is basically an artificial tooth that mimics the appearance and function of a natural tooth. It is fused to two crowns that will be anchored to the two closest teeth.

Dr. Nicoletti will then form a detailed impression of the teeth and gap. This will be sent to a state or the art dental lab where your permanent bridge will be custom made.

Then he will secure a hard plastic temporary crown over each abutment to protect it, while the dental lab does their work.

When the bridge is ready, we will call you to schedule a brief second appointment. When you come in, he will remove the temporary crowns and cement your permanent bridge in place.

If you have a badly damaged or broken tooth, you need to call Nicoletti Dental Group in Poughkeepsie, New York at 845.452.8410 for immediate treatment.