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Or dentist, Dr. Jason Nicoletti typically uses extraction as a last-resort treatment for a tooth that is too severely compromised to benefit from conventional treatment. Once the extraction is complete, the dentist will provide you with any necessary prescriptions to treat pain,or  inflammation, and to prevent infection.

While your gums are healing, you should stick to cool, soft foods and chew on the opposite side of your mouth. You should avoid smoking or drinking through a straw in order to prevent rupturing or removing the blood clot that has formed in your tooth socket. Your dentist well let you know when you can start brushing your teeth after your extraction.  You shouldn’t be surprised if you experience minor bleeding after your extraction. In a situation like this you can minimize the bleeding by biting down lightly on some sterile gauze. Afterward, you can cleanse your mouth by gently rinsing with a little lukewarm saltwater. Once your gums have fully healed the dentist will talk with you about your dental restoration options. This might include a dental bridge or an implant.

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