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There are many children in the world today who constantly suck on their thumbs. This is a natural habit that gives each child the comfort, security, and safety they need in a crazy world. However, even though this habit comforts and soothes the child, it also harms and damages their smile.

How can thumbsucking harm my child’s teeth?

Thumbsucking harms your child’s permanent teeth because they become crooked and misaligned. It also warps the formation of the roof of the mouth, which could cause additional dental problems in the future. In the end, you child may have buck teeth and a deformed oral cavity.

When do children generally stop sucking their thumbs?

Kids generally stop the thumbsucking habit around the ages of 2 and 4 years old or by the time their permanent teeth start to grow into place.

How can I help my child stop the habit?

The first thing you can do is praise your child when they are not sucking their thumb. Then, you can try giving your child more love and comfort and explaining why thumbsucking is bad for their smile. You can also try coming up with a plan that will help your child quit the habit. If these things do not work, you can try bandaging the thumb or putting a sock over the hand at night.

If you see any changes in your child’s primary or permanent teeth because of the thumbsucking habit, we strongly recommend bringing your child into our office as soon as possible. We also encourage you to do everything you can to help your child stop the habit. The sooner your child quits sucking on their thumb, the sooner they will have the smile they deserve.