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Have you ever heard of a TMJ? A TMJ is a temporomandibular joint that is responsible for the complex movements of your head, face, and neck areas. This includes the movements of your mouth and all of its angles, which facilitates speaking, chewing and eating effectively.

Because your TMJ consists of complex ball-and-socket joints, there are an array of connective tissues, muscles, and ligaments all working in tandem with one another to produce the movements required by your jaw. Because of this, they are easily damaged, which leads to what is known as a TMJ disorder, also called a TMD. If you want your mouth to be successful in all that will be required of it, consider TMJ treatments this autumn season.

Depending on the causes of your TMD, they will determine what your effective treatment methods can be. Typically, TMDs are treated with relaxing therapy to alleviate stress from your jaw. This includes calming music as well as meditative practices such as yoga, biofeedback, and other known stress relievers. Heat packs, ice packs, and medications may also be recommended or administered through your dentist. If an underlying cause of your TMD is discovered, such as bruxism, further treatments will be necessary.

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