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Breathing interruption and snoring problems that result from poor soft palate position and sleep apnea can cause poor sleep and can have a negative impact on your quality of life. Severe sleep-apnea issues often require a positive air pressure device or CPAP machine to affect symptoms. However, minor to moderate sleep-apnea issues can often be addressed by wearing a snore guard when you go to bed at night.

Legally, a snore guard needs to be prescribed by a physician or another oral healthcare practitioner, like Dr. Jason Nicoletti. Wearing a boil-and-bite snore guards is one of the most comfortable and effective methods for dealing with minor-to-moderate sleep-apnea symptoms.

The appliance is made from a thermoplastic material that softens when heated. Once the material is soft, you can take it out of the water, give it a moment to cool, and bite down hard on it until the material cools and hardens.

The custom fit helps the snore guard hold your mouth in the ideal position for the improved passage of air and a good night’s rest.

Each morning, you should clean and refresh the snore guard by rinsing it under lukewarm water. Avoid using hot water as this can cause the thermoplastic material to deform, which will require you to refit the snore guard. Then, dry the snore guard thoroughly with a clean paper towel and inspect it for any signs of wear and tear.

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