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The placement of a dental bridge can effectively replace a missing tooth, especially if you provide proper care for the dental restoration. Dental bridges are very durable, though it’s possible for them to come loose and require proper, prompt care.

Because the dental bridge is attached to natural teeth for support and the formation of a strong bond, it can be weakened by poor oral hygiene or oral trauma that loosens the dental bridge and could result in its loss.

Contact our office immediately if this occurs so that we can properly treat a loose dental bridge at Nicoletti Dental Group. If you are unable to visit the dentist right away, you can still prevent damage to the bridge and tooth in the meantime. If oral trauma has caused blood or debris, use lukewarm salt water to rinse your smile, but let our trained dental team perform further cleaning procedures to minimize damage to your tooth.

A loose dental bridge should not be wiggled, or else the abutment may be damaged. As long as trauma or poor oral hygiene damage is restricted to only the dental adhesive and the abutments are fine, our dentist can simply re-cement the dental bridge. However, a damaged abutment often requires more advanced treatment, such as root canal treatment, to keep the tooth healthy.

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