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An effective daily oral hygiene routine is founded on brushing your teeth twice each day and flossing your teeth each evening. Preferably, you want to floss your teeth after you are done eating for the night to make sure your teeth are free from food matter throughout your sleep cycle. It’s also worth noting that there are several different variations of dental floss.

Unwaxed dental floss is a common option used in many American households. It’s little more than a plain strand of monofilament or braided nylon that has not been treated with a waxy coating. While some manufactures will apply added flavors to unwaxed nylon floss, most choose to sell it plain.

Waxed dental floss has a special waxy coating applied to the strand. The waxy coating also helps the strand slip into tight places, making it preferable for people with tight-fitting teeth or braces. The wax can also be treated with flavor additives like mint or cinnamon.

On a clinical level, there is no difference in the effectiveness between waxed, unwaxed, flavored or unflavored floss. It really does come down to a matter of personal preference. So, be sure to choose a dental floss that you and your family members will be encouraged to use.

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