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Every toothbrush is basically the same, right? The kind of toothbrush you use doesn’t matter as long as you brush every day? Yes and no. Regularly brushing your teeth is very important, but using the right toothbrush will help you achieve a better clean and enjoy the process. Our team can provide professional recommendations to help you choose the right toothbrush for your smile.

Manual Toothbrushes
Manual toothbrushes are very common because they are inexpensive and they have been keeping teeth in good health for several decades now. Advantages of manual toothbrushes include greater affordability, easier care because there are no batteries involved, and you can simply buy a new one every three to four months when they wear out. However, manual toothbrushes can’t provide some of the important advantages of electric toothbrushes.

Electric Toothbrushes
Electric toothbrushes use the same method as the tools used by our dental team to clean your teeth. The brush head uses circular motions to clean parts of your teeth and gums which a regular toothbrush may not be able to reach, and the clean is much evener. Electric toothbrushes are more effective at helping you achieve the best possible oral health.

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